Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes Expansion Board Game: A Small Box 4X Fantasy Game of Heroes

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  • Tiny epic Kingdoms: heroes call is a strategy game set in a fantasy world Perfect for 1-5 players that is easy to learn and is popular with adults, kids, teens, families, and everyone
  • Heroes call is an expansion to the award winning tiny epic Kingdoms and introduces heroes and adds new factions and War towers. This expansion also enables solo play (requires base game to play)
  • The tiny epic series is one of the best small box Board game collections that captures an epic game experience in under an hour!
  • Gamelyn Games takes pride in offering the highest quality components With beautiful artwork and gorgeous graphic design
  • In tiny epic Kingdoms, you must collect resources, learn new magic, build your tower and invade neighboring lands

The War continues and spreads further and further. New factions have arrived from the North igniting more epic battles than before. Heroes rise over the fallen bodies of their enemies. Kingdoms spread across the Frozen wastelands in search of silver. War towers grow taller than the trees. Who will be victorious in the end? Tiny epic Kingdoms: heroes' Call introduces heroes to the war. Heroes will bring to play a variety of benefits unique to their class. Players will use a larger meeple to represent the hero of their faction. Additionally new mechanisms are introduced to the building action of the game. This will have players tracking their tower progress by placing tower cubes onto regions they possess. Players are encouraged to keep these tower cubes safe because losing them in war results in a loss of progress on the tower card. Furthermore tiny epic Kingdoms: heroes' Call introduces a slew of new factions, new regions with new mechanisms and a new resource Type, and even brings solo play to tiny epic Kingdoms!

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